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You can offer downloading all originals in a folder or even the complete album as a ZIP file.

See Offer download as ZIP for ...

1 Scaled-down images

Only The images scaled down by jAlbum will be included.

By default the scaled-down images are 960×720px in Turtle.

2 Originals

All the originals will be included whether they are included or not, regardless if the Settings / Pages / Image linking setting was set to Link to scales-down image only.

With this setting the album will contain the original images only once (in the ZIP), in contrast when you include the originals through the Settings / Pages tab, by which you will get them once simply linked, and once included in the ZIP.

Please note, including the originals either way, might increase the size of the final album dramatically.

3 Included originals

All the included originals will be included either selected by right-click → Include original or by Settings / Pages / Image linking = Link to originals|hi-res via scaled images.

4 The whole album

The whole album will be included in the ZIP. Downloading and extracting this file the visitors will be able to view it as a working album. (Minus the commenting and other social features which require the album to come from the server.)